10 things every pastor should stop doing

You only have 168 hours in a week to get things done. If you’re going to lead a turnaround church, you’ll need at least twice that many hours, just to get things moving in the right direction! Well, a bit of an overstatement for the sake of illustration, but not by much!

Why small groups work

The pages of history show ways small groups have been used. Learn how and why small groups promote both discipleship and church growth.

Hot summer months cause suffering for Iranian Christian prisoners

In the hot summer months, Iran’s prisons are even more uncomfortable than normal, so we need to remember those imprisoned for their faith in Jesus Christ in Iran.

Book review: Giving a good accounting of the church

Wayne J. Vaughan for six years was chief financial officer of The Concord Baptist Church of Christ, responsible for a budget of $1.8 million. He has published a book titled Keeping Your Church Alive: Advice for Pastors, Leaders and Active Members, where he shares about the financial side of properly running a large, 160-year old church.

5 things the Church gets right

“The Church is the most powerful transforming force in history.” This bold assertion from the book What’s Right with the Church by Elmer L. Towns flies in the face of what the media portray. What does this look like today?

6 evenings when boards are at their best

I’ve been through a lot with church boards. I’m sure it’s also true that boards have been through a lot with me. They remind me of the old saying that “you can’t live with 'em and you can’t live without 'em.”

8 "time drainers" of pastors and staff (and 8 solutions)

What if I told you I could help you get 10 or more hours of your week back? That’s like having an extra three weeks a year.

Book review: Purpose Pie—Really Living in the Sweet Spot of Life

If you find yourself not living with passion, inspiration and enthusiasm, then “you are definitely not living with purpose” writes author Steve Douglas. Purpose Pie: Really Living in the Sweet Spot of Life is a practical guide to discovering your purpose.

We have just under 1,000 attending

Even though I didn’t take math in Bible college, I learned real-quick how to round-up my church’s weekend attendance, Rusty George says. Why do we make attendance the benchmark for success? (Excerpted from the NACC conference in 2015.)

Caution: staff under pressure

When something is under pressure, there are always consequences. Those consequences are often unexpected and are not easily managed.

7 mistakes churches make with outreach events

Large outreach events in U.S. churches seem to be status quo. Nearly every church I know, regardless of size, has big events throughout the year…Christmas musicals, special Easter services, VBS for the community, and so on. But, how effective are they?

Regaining church health through transitional pastoring

Concluding our three-part series on how churches can use transitional pastoring, we're interviewing Brian A. Thorstad. He discusses his new book Redevelopment: Transitional Pastoring that Transforms Churches.

Writers need to handle Scripture correctly

No matter what version, you need to advise readers which one they will be reading when they flip through the pages of your book.

The best strategy for reaching the unchurched

Yes, I am a revitalization pastor. Yes, I’ve read almost every book and research study on the Great Commission (at least it feels that way). Does that make me an expert—no, but I have been able to reduce everything down to one solid biblical truth.

5 social media cautions for pastors

Pastors and other church leaders need to use social media platforms wisely. Here are five cautions to consider.

The common church is too big

If the common church in America is less than half the size needed for sustainability, why would I recommend that churches get smaller?

What do you think about all this God-stuff?

Discover how this key question changed one pastor's approach to evangelism.

4 traits of the world's second greatest leader

I would call the Apostle Paul the world's second greatest leader because he wrote much of the New Testament and because he spread Christianity into the the west through his missionary journeys. Here are four crucial leadership behaviors we can learn from his life.

What possesses people to commit acts of terror?

What would motivate a human being to lure police officers into a trap and ambush them? What possesses a man to drive a truck down a crowded sidewalk and intentionally kill more than 80 people?

Greatest risk to churches in the current election cycle

I typically loathe to comment publicly on politics, but the current election cycle has stirred up some issues that I believe to be relevant to every church and every leader.

3 keys to leading hurt people

When I was called as pastor of my church in 2002, the people were in pain. My predecessor resigned under a dark cloud and the church was left without a pastor for over two years. It is not uncommon to inherit a congregation or ministry within a church where pain is prevalent.

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