What is this talk about missional?

These are missional patterns that almost any church would want to embrace. But many people first react negatively toward the missional term because it is new and they do not fully know its meaning.

What will they say about us?

Are you leaving a legacy? What characteristics will describe our ministries?

How to develop a volunteer mobilization culture

It is a commonly assumed in the Church that something like 20 percent is doing 80 percent of the work. However, this is more than a gut feeling.

The declaration of interdependence

When a man views independence as a valued personal trait, trouble looms. We esteem the self-made man and deify the guy who needed no one but himself to “make it” in this world.

Business books every ministry leader should read

I asked Christian leaders across the U.S. to recommend a book written primarily for business leaders that they’ve found helpful in their ministry leadership.

Are these a pastor's 5 greatest fears?

I believe we all carry fears—even pastors.

Have you claimed your digital real estate?

Your ministry may not be in a place to use a web address or social media handle today, but have you considered the future? Will the right name be available and make sense to your community when they seek to find your church online?

If Jesus could speak about the election

Much of what they see and hear from the media focuses on the candidates—their records, their visions, their personalities. All of which is essential in making informed decisions. But more important is what Jesus would say to American voters.

Recognizing your limitations

We are called to train those in our wake and therefore we must seriously consider knowing our limitations.

When life hurts

How could the painful moments benefit our lives?

7 ways to be missional this Halloween

Regardless of one’s opinion, Halloween does afford Christians an incredible opportunity.

When your church is stuck—try a study group

I’ve come to the conclusion that the American church is where it is—losing members, lacking the will for change, without a vision for the future—because it is mired in the muck of not having a hope for what it could become.

4 principles to avoid overload

Are there ways in which overload is affecting you and your organization?

25 tips for dealing with politics in your group or class

How do you discuss politics civilly in such a politically charged culture? Or should you even try?

What do you do when you feel trapped?

Maybe you feel abandoned and desperate to relocate from what appears to be an ineffective ministry position. Have you resigned yourself to the idea that “God is keeping me here for a reason”?

Why you can love asking people to give

Do you dread preaching about giving? Remember this: When you provide leadership in stewardship at church, you do essential work.

Where's the proof?

Our witness is often not taken too seriously because there is nothing about our lives that would indicate we have been with Jesus.

Writers need to be careful about plagiarism

With the presence of the Internet, social media and video cameras on every street corner, we live in the kind of world where it feels like we’re all being watched. Nowhere is that more evident than in the area of plagiarism.

4 cautions about the "gift" of criticism

I've been blessed with the spiritual gift of criticism. Ask anyone who knows me well and they can affirm this. The only problem is that it isn't a spiritual gift!

Preaching that makes people furious

How do preachers remain faithful in the face of conflict and confrontation? How do you preach Jesus when others don’t want to listen?

Leadership before, during, and after a storm—Hurricane Matthew

The adage is true that you are either getting ready for a storm, in the middle of a storm, or recovering from a storm.

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