The hurting church: creating brand new ways to care

I've now been attending church for over four decades. During this time, I have seen a lot of change...changes in music, lighting, outreach, specialized ministries, and beyond. The one ministry I would love to see more change in is Care...

What to do about that church parking lot meeting

Has there been a parking lot meeting at your church lately? You know, the meeting after the meeting where people say what they really think, and don't tell you. The fact is, sometimes pastors and church staff get left out: when the trustees meet and don’t tell you.

6 reasons your church's offerings may be struggling

Even though no longer serving in the pastorate, I still communicate regularly with numerous pastors. A leading concern expressed to me in recent times regards finances.

We’re praying for revival, but we need this instead …

The Western church has lost its identity and its prophetic voice. Our specific voice to proclaim the gospel—to live within culture, but counter-culturally—unfortunately, the American church has become enculturated.[1] Instead of praying for revival, the church needs to earnestly repent and seek reformation.

Video: Will you make it 50 years in ministry?

Those in ministry 50 years have spent hours crafting sermons, attending board meetings and poring over commentaries. Many times they are never recognized.

Is your ministry proactive or reactive?

In our modern world of fast-paced communication and decisions—which places a huge emphasis on innovation, being first, and taking the lead—the word “reactive” has nearly become a death knell for the fate of a ministry. A ministry which merely reacts...

3 tactics to help you tackle ministry

To maintain a healthy balance between an inward and outward church focus is to tackle ministry needs. Tackling ministry needs could involve refocusing, creating, or ending ministry.  The term tackle is fitting, because this may require the most energy.

"You will be made to care," the progressive Left tells us

Very often we begin reading a book and find it so engrossing that we can’t put it down. Then again, there are books that are so alarming and compelling that we can only read four or six pages and have to put it down for a day or more before continuing on with it, so disturbing is its content.

The Great Commission: moving from “casual” to “devoted” prayer

Most churches pray. But, not all are praying churches. Churches do pause to pray during their activities. Sometimes, these prayers are offered out of ritual.

The unanswerable answer

There’s a special Christian man who lives in Louisville, Kentucky. His name is Pat Day.

3 thinking errors leaders often commit

God gave us an amazing 3 pound dynamo called the brain. And although it weighs on average 2 percent of our body weight, it requires 20 percent of our body's energy and blood flow.

Video: Evangelism gone wrong

Rusty George, Lead Pastor at Real Life Church (Valencia, Calif.), reveals how his attempt to evangelize at his neighborhood pool went wrong.

3 keys to managing momentum in ministry

One of the most valuable forces in any organization is momentum. When a local church is energized by prayer, the power of the Holy Spirit, and momentum, it becomes a great force that the gates of hell cannot withstand.

Iranians are coming to faith in Christ and requesting Bibles

Every day, more Iranians are coming to faith in Christ, and are asking for Bibles, says Elam Ministries. Years of suffering in Iran have created a deep thirst for truth in the hearts of most Iranians. As a result, there is an overwhelming demand for the Word of God in Iran.

Ignoring Pentecost to our peril

The Oxford Dictionary of the Christian Church reminds us that Pentecost ranks as the second most important festival day in the Church following Easter, the celebration of Jesus’ resurrection. However, many preachers ignore the day and its related themes.

Well done, one pastor’s substantial legacy

Having written so many articles about my former boss, Walt Gerber, one would think my material would have run dry by now. That is definitely not the case! Walt, the former pastor of the Menlo Park Presbyterian Church in California,...

Why should I serve where I'm not wanted?

Have you ever served in ministry and felt unappreciated, devalued, or outright disrespected, despised, and possibly in danger? Dumb question, huh? It is sad to say, but there are times when people in church can make it clear when someone isn’t wanted. It may be a new pastor with big, fancy ideas, or, wait, I’m sorry, ahem-vision.

The pastor as workplace leader - building on a strong foundation

Foundations are important in the kingdom of God; and they are important in the workplace. Christian leaders have been given position and influence in the workplace for God’s kingdom. Therefore, it can be said that foundations are doubly important for...

Leadership re-examined

What is leadership? If you were teaching on leadership in different cultures on different continents, what and how would you teach? For me, this is not theoretical. Here are two basic questions I ask: • What is a leader or...

Video: Is good news enough?

When it comes to ministry, it’s easy to focus more attention on church programming, size and keeping up with the latest in technology and trends.

5 excuses for church gossip

I define gossip as, saying negative things about a person which the hearer does not need to hear. Everybody knows that gossip is wrong. Almost everybody knows that gossip is harmful to individuals and organizations. Almost all of us indulge...