3 ways to take stupid out of your worship

If you believe that worship is a verb but often becomes a perfunctory noun, then you might want to read further. We should probably make some adjustments before we lose sight of why we gather.    My last contribution to ChurchCentral.com spoke to the often conspicuous excesses of “modern-ish" worship. ...
January 24, 2015   Doug Lawrence

Troublemaker Memoir (Part 5): Are you naïve about your leader skills?

“Naïve leadership,” consultant Mike Bonem called it in his blog today (Jan. 22), and I had to smile at the term. For it pretty well describes me as I take on my first board meeting of our congregation next Thursday.
January 22, 2015   Ronald Keener

The story of a messy life turned around by a church

One day a young lady came to Pastor Aaron Brockett after he preached on the woman at the well. For a year he saw her in the halls but barely kept tabs on her - instead, others in the church ministered to her. "When they baptized her and brought her ...
January 19, 2015  

Turnaround case study: Bay Area Chinese Bible Church

DJ Chuang tells another success story of a special Asian American church. (Excerpt from Church Central's Turnaround 20/20.)
January 19, 2015  

What the executive pastor does

"This is a relatively new position," says Aubrey Malphurs in this training session hosted by the Society for Church Consulting "They're second in charge, and they do whatever the senior pastor wants them to do."
January 19, 2015  

5 ways to de-professionalize your worship

The primary complaint that I hear from congregants in many churches is that the worship service is too much of a show, and you may believe that to be true yourself. In an effort to have excellence in our worship experiences we may have overstepped. Here are some ways to ...
January 16, 2015   Doug Lawrence

Your denomination doesn’t have to die

Mainline denominations are mostly on the skids, with declining member numbers, and closing congregations no longer able to pay the bills. Good books have been written about transforming churches, but they do no good if there isn’t the courage to put the advice into action.
January 16, 2015   Ronald Keener

A concern for legacy

Maybe it’s a sign I’m getting older, or maybe it’s because I talked recently with an old friend whose wife had stage four cancer and passed away less than a week after we talked.
January 15, 2015   Ken Walker

Ten areas where pastors need training for the 21st century

Any pastor or other church staff member should be prepared in biblical truths, as well as theology. Indeed, you shouldn’t forsake any of the classical disciplines. Nor any of the practical disciplines, such as missions, evangelism, or church planting. Still, American culture has shifted dramatically in a relatively short period ...
January 15, 2015   Thom Rainer

New Bible translation gives hope to Iranian Christians

The political, economic, and spiritual situation in Iran has resulted in a deep spiritual hunger for truth.
January 14, 2015  

Unbroken: The true story of Louis Zamperini

The movie, Unbroken, opened in theaters the week of Christmas. It is still playing in many areas. Based on the best-selling book of the same name, Unbroken relates the story of the amazing life of Louis Zamperini, an Olympic track champion and World War II veteran who survived a plane ...
January 13, 2015   Bob Russell

Seeing splash-overs of heaven in this life

"Suffering is like a splash-over of hell," says Joni Eareckson Tada, "helping us to appreciate the ultimate hell that Christ Jesus has rescued us from. Suffering gives us a tiny little taste of the hell that could be ours were it not for our salvation in Jesus.... But then what ...
January 13, 2015  

God is the one who turns around a church!

Greg Atkinson and Steve Cartin give final words during their Turnaround 20/20 panel on leading a church from decline to growth.
January 13, 2015  

Andy Stanley's top 3 leadership activities

Rick Warren and Andy Stanley focus on just a few things to generate 80% of their productivity. (Excerpted from the Society for Church Consulting's training, Aubrey Malphurs, instructor)
January 13, 2015  

The Most Important Trend of Church Trends in 2015 and What to Do About It

I like reading about trends and I like thinking about the long lists of church trends. Two of my most widely read posts on church trends include: 5 Trends in Retail that Matter the Church (2013) 11 Church Vision and Strategy Trends (2011) This year I want to do something ...
January 09, 2015   Will Mancini

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