6 more strategies for pastor burnout

According to a Lifeway study, pastors report experiencing a great amount of stress. The average pastor logs 50 hours a week, and 42 percent work 60 or more hours.

5 signs you're a leader who talks too much

Nobody likes to talk to others who monopolize conversations and drone on about themselves. Healthy conversations should be two-way streets but science tells us that we tend to spend 60% of our conversations talking about ourselves.

What makes you think God will bless what you are doing?

Wait until the Holy Spirit comes upon you. “Even the disciples were told to wait until the Holy Spirit came upon them.” These words were spoken as I shared breakfast not long ago with my faculty mentor from my undergraduate...

Video: What are you hiding?

Our culture has made leadership a difficult place to show weakness. Rusty George explores some weak-moment scenarios of those in ministry.

Fear—our faithful friend and feeble foe

Fear is something we do not like to talk or think about—particularly in the workplace (including the workplace we call ministry). We have been taught that to do so is a sign of weakness. This is a narrow and deceptive...

4 things that make a great executive pastor

The most significant relationship in the church is between the Senior Pastor and the Executive Pastor. It’s almost a given that these two influential leaders need to be unified regarding vision, complement each other’s strengths, and compensate for each other’s weaknesses.

High bail set for 3 imprisoned Iranian Christians

Three Iranian Christians, Yasser Mossayebzadeh, Saheb Fadaie and Mohammadreza Omidi (Youhan), who were arrested on May 13, 2016 in Rasht, Iran, remain in custody after exorbitant bail amounts were set for them. Christian Solidarity Worldwide says the three Christians from...

7 practices to help you make better decisions

How do you start to create a dynamic of collaborative decision-making? Try these seven practices for making better team decisions.

The problem with exciting church growth

“Problem? What? Are you kidding?” Most of us find the growth of our churches to be exhilarating, exciting, heady. Especially if this growth follows an extended period of little or no growth. New people walking in every Sunday! Favorable comparisons...

5 ways leaders see things differently

Leaders see things with a clarity that brings life into focus. Leaders see things that other people don’t see.

Planning: a revitalization faith-walk

Church leaders sometimes have an aversion to planning. My personal consulting observations and the anecdotal reports of many others reveal that this aversion is often bolstered by an assertion that there is little or no biblical support for it.

The time has come to drop your mission statement

We spent hours crafting it as a staff. We spoke on it every year at our gatherings. I taught it ever single year at our leadership training. (No wonder people didn’t like coming.) We recited it regularly to our members....

Video: I want to fix this!

When you’re faced with a problem, do you try to manipulate the situation to fix it? Sean Palmer reveals the motives of the First Officer in 2 Kings 7 and the questions he asks about Elisha’s plan of action.

What does aggressive ministry look like?

I am not an aggressive person by nature. I’m a conflict-avoiding, noncompetitive type who struggles to relate to the warrior imagery that frequently appears in Scripture. There are two verses in particular, words from our Lord, that challenge me to...

5 reasons church announcements cause problems

If your church has never experienced problems with church announcements, there is no need for you to read the rest of this post. However, if your church is like the 95 percent of congregations that do struggle with announcements, please...

Outreach: from “come” to “go”

I recently Googled the word “outreach.” I was surprised at the results: the overwhelming majority of articles, websites, and so on was mostly about church communication and/or church marketing materials. I also recently looked at several online publications that are...

John Wesley: Bringing lost souls across the divide

On the same Monday that brought Jake Hanson’s new book, Crossing the Divide, a telling of the life of John Wesley, “the fearless evangelist,” also brought the opening day of the United Methodist Church General Conference in Portland, Oregon, held...

Can ordinary pastors become turnaround pastors?

The short answer is a happy “Yes!” I should define my terms. “Ordinary” or “traditional” pastors preach sermons, teach classes, pray, give pastoral care and do administrative tasks. Those are all important. The turnaround pastor does all of those things...

6 scriptures that summarize the current moral crisis in America

Before he dropped out of the presidential race, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz posed an appropriate question about the “bathroom bills” that have sparked a national frenzy: “Have we gone stark raving nuts?” That rhetorical question came in response to a...

3 church killers: calling, mission-divorce, and truancy

“Only a disciple can make a disciple.” ~ A. W.

Video: I exist to . . .

When you think about ministry, what is your reason for preaching, teaching and discipling? Dr. Daniel Overdorf explores mission statements and how they aid in perseverance.