4 questions to ask when you face conflict

When conflict arises in our churches, unless we wisely resolve them, we can lose momentum, people, and resources.

3 lessons that make a successful retreat

Here are three ideas to make retreats more effective.

Don’t forget, you were morons

Uncover Paul's bold perspective on God's economy and what really matters to Him.

Book review: A pastor's introduction to church administration

Church administration is an area of the church that is extremely important, yet often overlooked. It’s like the engine in your car.

Book review: Biography of a modern-day St. Paul to the Arab world

Tom Hamblin is a modern-day St. Paul who brought tens of thousands of Bibles to Muslims in the Arabian Peninsula. According to the book, Tom and his wife Edna surmounted “impossible” restrictions and openly conveyed shipment after shipment of Bibles.

10 ways God provides resources

For every successful fundraising campaign, there are multiple failures. Every perfectly organized meeting does not produce fantastic results. Teaching, leading and selling sometimes fail miserably. Does that mean we are failures?

Control is not all that it is cracked up to be

Letting go of control is a challenging process.

Hope for your church from George Hunter

“More is known about how the faith spreads and how churches grow than we have ever known before.” This hopeful assertion comes from George G. Hunter III, an Emeritus Professor at Asbury Theological Seminary and author of more than a...

How to vote in November—or not

For this election year—“the silly season” someone dubbed it a few years back, which we might want to revise this year as “the ludicrous season”—many, myself included, won’t be voting at all, for either presidential candidate. Even with the U.S....

6 marks of a genuinely loving pastor/leader

Many believe that pastors who do the things they need to do to be seen as loving shepherds really are the most loving shepherds. True?

Book review: Serve Strong

Serve Strong is directed at the pastor but is a must read for anyone who serves in any sort of ministry leadership capacity.

Iranian Christian prisoner physically abused by prison guards

Ebrahim Firouzi, an Iranian Christian prisoner in Rajai Shahr Prison in Iran, suffered physical abuse at the hands of prison guards when he was forced to attend an appeal hearing.

Setting deadlines can provide self-motivation

It doesn’t matter what you're working on, without a deadline you are likely to never finish.

4 reasons your vision may lack traction

For over 20 years, I have advocated the need for churches and ministries to get clear about where God is leading them. I still think that a clear, shared, compelling vision is important and powerful, and yet ... I have seen many churches with wonderful vision statements and no forward momentum.

Will “we” stand with our brothers and sisters?

As we look at church history, a common thread is persecution.

The 5 kinds of churches that must change or die

"Change or die." Imagine hearing those words from your physician. I hope you would be motivated to change.

A time for righteous anger

Many Christian leaders encourage believers not to get angry our nation’s moral freefall. Their general counsel is: “Stay calm.

Implementing keystone habits into your church culture

“You will never change your life until you change something you do daily. The secret of your success is found in your daily routine.” ~ John C.

The hard, dark world of replanting churches

So if planting a new church seems like difficult work, think about replanting a church.

The anesthesia which makes church surgery possible

I love to use the medical model for church revitalization. It is so blessedly simple. Anybody can remember that the process is going to involve a few weeks of diagnosis, followed by approximately a year of surgery, followed by about...

Top-viewed video: Dewey Smith's personal story of his challenging pastoral transition

REPOST: This popular session from the Church Central Turnaround 20/20 conference details Pastor Smith's difficult journey of becoming the new pastor of a 137 year-old church, and the lessons he learned in the process. "I really had to humble myself like never before," he says.

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